Bentley Mathieson Dentalcare, 22 Victoria Road, Hartlepool

Bentley Mathieson and Kingfield Developments

This was a Design & Build project to extend, remodel and upgrade a busy dental practice in Hartlepool .Conveniently, the job was only 5 doors down the street from our offices.

We were approached by June Mathieson and David Bentley some months previously and briefed on what they wanted. June and David wanted to expand their practice and modernise the building and dental surgeries so as to showcase their advanced dental services.

The original building is 150 years old, and the interior, whilst pleasant and clean, was out-dated and needed revitalising. The work required a single and 2 storey extension to the rear to accommodate two new surgeries, the refurbishment of existing surgeries, and the upgrading of the services to modern standards. The project started in December 2015 and was completed in October 2016.

The works were divided in distinct three phases to ensure business continuity at all times. The three phase package of works ensured that problems were anticipated and programmed out. Unforeseen problems were rare and minor.

Over the 9 month period, as far as we are aware, the practice carried on business as usual without loss of any time or value to the Practice clients. Kingfield employees were courteous and friendly at all times and developed an excellent understanding with the Practice ensuring that the works were carried out at everyone’s convenience.Only with the level of teamwork patience and co-operation is and was this project achievable.

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In terms of innovation and problem-solving, the job required some innovation in relation to the quality and standards of the new and renovated surgeries. Considerable work went into programming the works to anticipate and deal with potential problems. The main problem being maintaining distinction between the building site areas and the Dental Practice taking into account the very high standards of hygiene required and cleanliness expected by the Client and public.

The building work also had to be carefully programmed to avoid any disruption to the Client’s business. This required detailed scheduling and programming, maximising the efficiency and costs savings. Added to this we were required to make the occasional change to the design to take into account changes that David’s and June’s wanted incorporated while the building work was ongoing.

The overall outcome of project is that it was delivered on time, on budget and the Client’s requirements were met and exceeded. The performance of the build is excellent, with only minor tweaks required to the positioning of switches to suit individual dentists preferences. The outcome is plain to see.

The refurbished and extended areas of the practice stand out both in terms of the quality and the standard of finish.

This project has been put forward for the LABC Building Excellence Awards 2017 Best Commercial Project category, with the full support of our local Building Control Office and, in particular, Garry Hutchison MRICS, Hartlepool Building Control Manager.

We very much look forward, should the opportunity arise, of working again the June and David and would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation to the staff at Bentley Mathieson, the Kingfield Team who carried out work and brought the design to life.

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