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University Hospital Hartlepool Pathology Lab



As a result of Kingfield’s success, it’s DESIGN & BUILD capabilities, knowledge and experience in building for the NHS we were invited to tender for the design & build of a new Pathology Laboratory at Hartlepool General Hospital, as it was then known.

The tenders submitted were originally over and above the financial limits of the Hospital, and so those tendering were invited to submit their own design solutions at a level that was financially viable to the Client. This process took a further 3 months, but led the Kingfield being successful and we were appointed main contractors.

During the development process there were certain changes required by the Client, which we completed as required.

Of particular note on this site were the extent of services within the footprint of the proposed building including some very high voltage cabling. 

A system was designed whereby a pad and beam foundation structure was installed which would allow flexibility of the location of the pads to avoid any cabling found beneath the ground. This was very successful.

The building was also constructed using a SIP system, 1.5 storey with the mechanical installations contained within the roof structure.

The roof structure was designed such that in the event of a need for replacement or reconditioning of  the mechanical elements, access to and removal from the roof area of material that needed servicing could be carried out easily.

The project was completed on time and within budget.

The Pathology Lab was formally opened by Prime Minister Tony Blair, accompanied by his wife Cherie and our then MP for Hartlepool, Peter Mandelson (now of course, Lord Mandelson of  Foy and Hartlepool).



  • Location: University Hospital Hartlepool
  • Architect: Kingfield Design & Build
  • Client: North Tees & Hartlepool NHS Trust
  • Cost: £1 million