When applied to the construction process, value engineering has enormous benefit for potential clients. The multi-step process is an integral part the design stage of a new development and aimed at increasing value. In value engineering, value is defined as function divided by cost.


Value Engineering is largely incorporated into all our other services. We go the extra mile to save you time and money while improving efficiency and quality. From the first meeting, you will notice that we will be asking the right questions and evaluating the viability of the project. Maybe even suggesting more efficient, more cost-effective alternatives.

Mike Dickinson is already providing this service to Clubhouse Solutions, identifying issues and solutions to design and construction issues at the outset, which impacts on funding requirements, feasibility and possible alternative schemes to those first imagined or considered.

We believe that this service is highly effective at saving you time and money on building projects.

During the initial phase, the project team seeks to gather information about the project thus far including important details about your objectives, key criteria, and definition of value.

The team studies the data and brainstorms as many ways as possible to reduce initial or lifecycle cost while still maximizing function.

The team evaluates ideas produced during brainstorming. Some ideas become part of the final solution while others are deemed inefficient or unworkable.

Many of the ideas that passed the evaluation phase are further developed into workable proposals. Each recommendation will be accompanied by a short narrative with a list of the positive and negative aspects of each proposal along with cost comparisons.

Lastly, the team makes a formal written presentation of their findings accompanied with an oral presentation to clients, users, and designers. In this final stage, the client can determine which value management proposals will be incorporated into the project in order to reduce costs and increase overall value.

As a result of KDL’s extensive and varied experience over the past 30 years, we are able to offer an excellent VE service.  When approaching a potential project, KDL would, in any event, carry out extensive background studies and surveys to ensure that the project is not only do-able physically, but also financially - and we are very good at identifying ways to save costs and “future-proof” your buildings and services.

 We offer our VALUE ENGINEERING service on residential and commercial projects.