We provide initial designs and detailed drawings thereafter. These drawings form the basis for any Planning Consent and Construction Information.

Before any building work starts, whether a small house extension or a complex commercial building, you will need detailed drawings. You may also need a detailed Schedule of Works or Bill of Quantities depending on the size and complexity of the project.

Planning Permission and Building Regulations approval are normal requirements prior to  most construction projects.

Applications for both Planning Permission and Building Regs require support via detailed designs and specifications,

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Problems occur when:

  • There is a poor “Design Brief”. A lack of specification of what you, the Client, actually want.
  • There is a lack of site knowledge. A failure to visit and accurately survey the site.
  • Inaccurate time estimates for the project.
  1. “Pretty pictures” - almost anyone can draw a lovely picture of what a building may look like. But a picture is just a “pretty picture” without accurate measurements, detailed engineering and design information, up-to-date information of the local services plans (gas, electricity, drainage, water) and specific references to the materials to be used. It is at this stage that you should be looking out for and identifying potential problems.
  2. Inaccurate costs estimates. Bad designs and plans make it very difficult to accurately estimate costs. It is essential for your peace of mind that you know how much you will end up paying for the job.
  3. Inaccurate time estimates. If you have a plan, you should also have a more accurate estimate of the time it will take to complete to the job. There will be fewer delays because the builder should know exactly what is required.

Our in-house design consultancy can prepare build-ready drawings for any building project from single-storey house extensions to large complex structures, such as blocks of flats, student accommodation or GP surgeries.

Because we are builders who have expertise in design, we provide drawings that allow whoever is building the structure complete confidence in the quality of our work. We always visit the site, usually on a number of occasions, to take measurements and carry out surveys before we do anything else.

You will need drawings when applying for Planning Consent and when notifying the local planning authority. We are experienced at applying to Local Authorities and dealing with Planners and Builder Control. We are able to smooth the way through the “red-tape” for you.

Even if you decide not use Kingfield to actually build your scheme, we are able to provide comprehensive, detailed and accurate drawings and Construction Information that will greatly help your chosen contractor.

Quality drawings, if followed correctly, will greatly reduce the risk of problems during and after the building work is completed. We can provide quality drawings for you.

This service is offered at a very competitive rate.

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It is crucial to the production of design information (drawings and specification) that you, the Client, provide as detailed a brief of your requirements as possible.

We will identify at the First Briefing Meeting, what information will be needed in order to produce a scheme acceptable to you and to produce specifications in relation to the product required.

The more accurate and comprehensive this is the more accurate will be the “Cost Plan”.

The fact that we have 30 years’ experience in Design and Build means we have knowledge and experience of both elements and where needed can “Value Engineer” the proposal.

However, you may decide to go through a “Tender Bid Process”, in which case we can provide you with the professional support, management and information you will require.