You first appoint consultants, normally an Architect and perhaps a Quantity Surveyor (QS),  to design the project in detail. The Architect then prepares tender documentation, including drawings, work schedules and bills of quantities.  Contractors, like Kingfield, are then invited to submit tenders for the construction of the project, usually on a single-stage, competitive basis. This may be referred to as a 'traditional contract'.  The contractor. Kingfield, is not responsible for the design, other than temporary works, although some traditional contracts do provide for the contractor to design specific parts of the works. Typically, you would retain the design consultants during the construction phase to prepare any additional design information that may be required, to review any designs that might be prepared by us, if we are asked to design anything and to inspect the works.

Normally, one consultant (often, but not necessarily, the Architect) will be appointed to administer the contract. There are therefore at least 3 parties to the building contract. The traditional method usually means that there is no direct contact between you and the contractor, (Kingfield), in respect of any issues or changes during the building process. You would contact the Architect, and the Architect would contact us and vice versa.


You may already have instructed an Architect and/or QS, but may be looking for a contractor with an excellent reputation, like Kingfield Developments Ltd. You may feel that a competitive tender will get you the best cost/benefit. We at Kingfield, regularly submit and win tenders and have 30+ years of experience carrying out traditional contract work. You can be certain the we will work very hard to produce the outcome you desire.  More often than not, given our wealth of experience, we can contribute positively to the design process and quickly identify potential issues. This can save a lot of time.

We have worked with numerous Architects and QS’s over the years, invariably with successful outcomes. Take a look at our projectsIf you prefer to use traditional contracting, then be prepared for the process to take at more time. The tender process alone can take 4-8 weeks*.

Mike is an extremely competent builder and build manager with a great deal of knowledge and experience in the construction sector.

The passion comes from the top. Building, put simply, is about plumb, line and length. It is about attention to detail.

There are many things that can go wrong in a building project, so our policy is as follows:

Check it. check it again before double-checking it just to make sure and theN just to be on the safe side re-check it.

More so than almost any other product, in construction the final product, the home, the warehouse, the clubhouse or the office block stands as a testament to the designer's and builder's imagination and skill. At Kingfield we understand this, and we understand that our reputation stands or falls on our ability to deliver quality on time and on budget.

And we've delivered...