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In 2012 we were approached via a referral from an existing Client,  by Dr Peter and Mrs Susan Relton who were looking for a local building contractor to build a bungalow on a plot of land at the bottom of the garden of their existing property.


The access to the site was restricted to a narrow lane and a tight turning area which also serviced two existing houses at the head of the lane.


The Clients were involved from the outset in the design phase. This was important because we were working to a budget and it was essential that expectations were met. In addition, the project depended on the sale of the existing home, so work could only start when this hurdle had been jumped. The Clients settled for a 3 bedroom bungalow with one on-suite master bedroom and two guest bedrooms, an additional shower/wc, a kitchen, and large dining room/living room.


The project was far from straightforward. The ground turned out to be saturated with groundwater and there were issues with Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) and tree roots. The works had to be carried out with minimum disturbance to the neighbours.

 The restricted access to the site meant that labour costs were a major factor.

We used an advanced SIP system, Panablok, instead of blockwork, which meant that the internal skin could be erected within days and we were not hampered by poor weather conditions. It also considerably sped up the building process.


  • Location: Hartlepool
  • Size: 2100 sq ft
  • Architect: Kingfield Design & Build
  • Client: Dr & Mrs Relton
  • Cost: £180,000