WE HAVE LIFT-OFF – Kingfield Developments Ltd new website now live!

Web Site Launched…….. Out with old and in with the new…..

At last, ……….Hallelujah…… [You don’t have to listen to the whole thing….]

The long awaited web site has finally been designed and constructed and is ready to go live….

Kingfield have flown beneath the radar for many years. Too long, relying on referral work from satisfied customers, business partners and professionals within the construction sector.

It is  a mark of our excellent reputation and resilience that the company continues to trade and thrive even through the ‘dark, dark days of the recession’ when many other construction companies have gone to the wall.

We have a reputation for honesty, integrity and quality in our dealings with clients, sub-contractors and business partners which we value greatly.

Mike Dickinson, our MD, is half-German and it shows!!

Efficiency, attention to detail, accuracy, on time, on budget and top quality.

We set our standards high and expect those who work with us to maintain those high standards, .  We do not cut corners or produce sub-standard work. We do not sell our clients short.

The process of re-vamping and re-launching a web site is by no means straightforward. We needed to try get across what type of Company Kingfield is….

How did we go about it?

Well, we established a “brief” to our web designers, Pixelboy.

What we wanted was a web site that reflected Kingfield’s ethos and quality. It was to be a marketing tool to showcase who we were, what we do and what we’ve build over the years.

It will also be a platform to promote our ideas and visions about construction in the future.

It needed to look “efficient”, “clean” and “tidy”, easy on the eye and easy to navigate.  It needed to be informative and easy to read. We believe we have achieved this… but there is always room for improvement.

What we established fairly early on was the the website is only one type of marketing tool in today’s fast developing world of IT communications and social media bonanza.  The web site therefore had to be designed in such a way that it looked visually appealing whether you were accessing it from your desktop PC, your laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

It would also be an opportunity for us to engage with our clients and promote our partners.

At the end of the day, our product is visual. It is what you see.

We know how good our final product is. We are professional. It therefore makes sense to use a professional and talented photographer to bring out the quality of our buildings. Carn Patrick Photography came recommended by our web designer, Pixelboy. Under the directorial eye of our Business Development Manager,  (me, Andrew Relton), Carn used his undoubted talent to produce the photographs of our recently completed projects.  I think you’ll agree the results are pretty spectacular.

Armed with the pictures, we now set about coming up with the words.

This proved more time consuming that we had anticipated, and the narrative is under constant review to see where we can improve.

What do you say? How do you say it?

What do you out there, want to hear from us?

What information are you interested in?

Narrative or video?  Or both? How much of each?

The web site is an organic beast and we are of the view that it must be frequently attended to, up-dated and amended, kept alive, relevant and interesting.

We live in exciting times .

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Great New Year. 











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